Fresh Design bedding: Lost weekend duvet set

Fresh design bedding

So often, nicely designed duvet sets seem to come at a bit of a price. Either you end up paying a lot more for bigger sizes, or you find a design you like and then discover that pillowcases cost extra.

Thankfully, this duvet set, from Marquis & Dawe, not only looks great, but has an affordable price tag too.

The design is called Lost Weekend and features a Parisian style village (more like a town, in the case of the king size version!) with lots of architecturally interesting buildings. The design is hand drawn in black and featured on a white background, but there are some red accents added to liven things up.

The duvet set comes with matching pillowcases and is available in single (£19.95), double (£24.95) or king sizes (£29.95).



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