Wisdom in Art: Investing in modern or contemporary art

Art by John Tierney at Saatchi Online

©John Tierney

Many people perceive that it is expensive to mount a sculpture or a piece of painting on a pedestal or on a wall respectively. The artwork must not be a Picasso or a Da Vinci for it to attract attention of the intended audience. Collecting pieces of artwork is a process that can be successfully implemented on a budget.

Artists collect handfuls of original pieces that they purchase from extremely low budget either online or off streets. Art collection for many is expression of wealth or wisdom. There are specific portraits that one would hold dear or even paintings that give expression of self. Many art collectors find themselves at crossroads on how to grow an entire art collection if only one piece summarizes the feeling they have been yearning for.

Elements of growing an art collection

Original art by Virginie Gallois at Saatchi Online

©Virginie Gallois

Growing an entire art collection requires one to see the value of an original piece of artwork. However, choosing an original piece depends with collector’s priorities; choice is not affected by price, location or an artist’s name but joy that the artwork brings each day to the collector. The wisdom in art is intended to transform people’s lives, those who closely safeguard the intention of the artwork.

It is easy to grow your collection of original art via Saatchionline. The online magazine has a variety of galleries that aid artists to be discovered through their pieces as they discover art. Filtering of artwork in the online portal can be by subject and style or price. One of the common mistakes people make when they try to grow their original collection is to distrust their own tastes and purchase according to artist’s names.

It is very easy to dismiss certain artworks quickly if they seem to be out of the collector’s comfort zone. Advanced art collectors do not judge but take ample time to familiarize themselves with the art, discuss it with colleagues, observers or makers and take notes of the notions that linger after viewings are past due.

The essence of having an art collection

There are two factors that an art collector must take keen interest in. First, the message or lasting impression that the piece of art leaves to the intended audience.

Second, the innovative or technical advances that are harnessed to create a wonderful piece is another factor to consider before making purchases. Burgeoning collectors have turned to emerging artists that are less costly and more relevant to the contemporary society. It is of the essence to go always for quality since pieces of art that are in excellent condition are more desirable.

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