Techno kitchen: iKettle the wifi kettle

Make hot drinks wirelessly

The humble kitchen kettle has gone all techno, thanks to the introduction of the world’s first wifi kettle.

No longer do you have to wander out to your kitchen to put your kettle on, as you can set it to boil from your smartphone.

If you want to wake up to a fresh brew, then your kettle can act as a wake-up call (like a modern version of the old Teasmaid) and it can even ensure the water temperature is perfect for the drink you require (if you want green tea  at 80 degrees, or coffee at 95 degrees, it’s sorted).

Technological kitchen gadget design

Once boiled, the iKettle will even keep the water warm for you, so you can doze off back to sleep for a while. The only thing it sadly won’t do is fill itself with water or pour out your drinks for you.

Interested? Head over to Firebox, exclusive retailer of the iKettle, where you can currently pre-order it in time for Christmas.

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