Every home needs a shed

Contemporary wood garden shed

Everyone at some time in the working week needs a place of retreat. Those interested in DIY let off steam constructing some amazing devices while others just like to go off to sit and think.

The ideal venue to carry out these activities is usually the shed at the bottom of the garden.


Many great works of fiction have been created from a garden shed. The author Roald Dahl was just one in a long line of authors who used this building as a space where he could employ his wonderful imagination.

There are many who have found that small garden sheds are perfect to store bicycles and other paraphernalia that will just make a house look untidy if stored inside. Just imagine if you’re a home brewer and have nowhere to nurture your precious fermenting liquid, the secluded shed is ideal for this type of activity.


This wonderfully useful building can be as smart or as basic as you like. Some people install electricity so that they can use power tools and other gadgets, others have a Wi-Fi router so they can retreat and use their laptops in peace.

10x8ft is the average size of a shed and they can exist unobtrusively at the end of the garden.


Windows are easy to install if you want some added light and it’s always a matter of personal taste as to how you decorate the interior. If you have mounted the shed on a concrete base you could even fit carpets to make it cosy.

Don’t forget you can always smarten up the exterior with paint or hanging flower baskets and possibly even incorporate a couple of potted bay trees to your design.


Sheds are gaining popularity, the sculptor Barbara Hepworth had a small shed at the end of her garden where she could retreat and have a nap in between bouts of artistic genius.

The versatility of the self-assembled shed can never be underestimated. The UK has an annual competition where proud owners can submit photographs of their precious sheds to a panel of judges.

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