Philips LivingColours Bloom mood light

Use colour to reflect your mood


What mood are you in today? With this unusual Philips light, you can change your home lighting to reflect whatever mood you happen to be in.

The LivingColours Bloom mood light will bathe your room in the colours of your choice. Whether you want bright and invigorating shades, or soft soothing pastel hues, there’s a colour to suit you.

A simple remote control allows you to select the colour you fancy, then dim or adjust it to the right intensity. Plus, there are settings to save your three favourite colours to memory for quick recall purposes.

If you fancy being illuminated in colour, then John Lewis have the white lamp in stock for £60.

It’s a similar idea to the KOH Concepts lamp that we reviewed recently, but the main difference with the Philips mood light is that you can change the colour as you please, rather than being stuck with just one lighting colour.

What do you think of these colour lamps? Is coloured lighting the way to go, or would you rather just stick to your usual lamp bulb? Do let us know in the comments below.

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