Fab Friday Bargains: Fresh new bedding

Invest in new bargain priced bedding and duvets

Treat your bedroom to a fresh new look, with these fab Friday bedding bargains.

Whether you’re a fan of soothing, calming colours in your bedroom, or prefer to be swathed in lively, uplifting shades, we’ve got the options covered.

From left to right on each row, starting from the top:

Floral trail duvet cover set, now from £11

Blue Anicia bed linen, bySheridan, now from £12.50

Natural Kismet bed linen, bySheridan, now from £14.50

White bed linen, by Jeff Banks, now from £24

Red Hatha bed linen, by Rocha.John Rocha, now from £14

Campervans duvet set, now from £18

Scribble duvet cover set in blue, now from £10

Bright print bedset, now from £16

Green painted leaf bedlinen, by Christy, now from £4.80

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