Samsung G-Series three door black fridge

Modern and contemporary fridge freezer

If it’s functional storage space you’re after, plus excellent chilling capabilities, then the Samsung G-Series fridge freezers are definitely worth a look.

These modern and contemporary kitchen appliances are built to provide the ultimate in function. There’s plenty of space inside the fridge for all your kitchen essentials, shelves that can be pulled up or altered to store larger items and flexibility on storage cooling temperatures.

The Samsung RFG23UEBP1 three door refridgerator is very similar in design and function to the RFG23DERS that we reviewed and tested previously, except this one is in a rather stunning black finish.

The fridge is on top, with a large deep double-layer pull out freezer draw below. At this time of  year, the ability to have chilled water on tap, plus cubed or crushed ice is second to none and a feature that is definitely worth investing in.

You do need a fair bit of space in your kitchen or utility room to fit in a fridge like this, but for function, ease of use and reliability, it’s a compromise worth making.

Contemporary modern kitchen appliances

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