Liven up your desk with holiday and travel themed desk accessories

Amusing desk accessories

When everyone else seems to be on holiday and you’re stuck inside at work, why not liven up your day by investing in a few fun desk accessories that evoke memories of holiday and travel?

They may not totally make up for a relaxing holiday, but might just help brighten your day and make the time go by a little bit quicker.

We love the range of home office accessories available at Mocha and these four items remind us of different types of holidays.

If you love trees, woods and forests, then the woods keyboard notes bring a bit of greenery onto your desk. In two shades of green and shaped like trees, the memo notes can be propped up along the top of your keyboard to create your very own foliage display.

Wishing you could be whisked off to exotic climes and enjoy a camel ride? We can’t quite provide that for your desk, but Lenny the camel does do a brilliant job as a desk assistant. He’ll hold your pen in his mouth so you don’t lose it and comes equipped with 140 paper memos on his back for all your essential notes.

If you’re dreaming of beach holidays and fish and chips by the coast, then these fun sardine paper clips evoke memories of the sea, whilst keeping your paperwork tidy. They even come in their own realistic sardine tin.

Or if you’re more of a fan of city breaks and skyscrapers, why not get creative and use the novelty staple city to dock your stapler and create your own city landscape. It will help keep all your stapling supplies together and organised, whilst providing a novel addition to your desk.


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