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Contemporary modern home lighting

As far as contemporary, funky and modern lighting goes, the KOH lamp ticks all the boxes.

This unusual lamp provides a glowing colour of light in a form that is contemporary in design and unusual in function.

The KOH lamp was designed by Christophe d’Orey, who was inspired to create the concept after a trip to an African village. At night, the villagers gathered around a campfire, putting bulbs inside coloured containers to create atmospheric lighting.

His KOH lamp also uses a basic item – in this case a simple plastic water container (rather reminiscent of a petrol or jerry can) – to create a funky modern light. The container is made from coloured plastic and when a special light bulb is placed inside and turned on, it glows beautifully.

Fresh design contemporary light lamp

The KOH lamp is available in eight different colours – orange, green, magenta, purple, lime green, lagoon, bamboo green or blue – and comes boxed with easy-to-follow instructions for putting it together.

One of main benefits of the lamp is that it’s incredibly lightweight, which means that moving it around is very easy. The light it emits isn’t bright, so it’s not the most ideal lamp to use as a bedside light, for example. However, it is perfect for creating atmospheric lighting in a room and the colourful glow of the orange lamp was calming and soothing.

Contemporary home garden lighting   Contemporary fresh design garden light

It’s not the most aesthetically pleasing lamp – realistically, it does look like a petrol can – but depending on the design of a room, it could easily be used in a corner of a contemporary or modern living room. However, we particularly liked the idea of using it outside. For garden lighting it is ideal, as you can easily carry the lamp out and the electrical cable is long enough to stretch to a plug in point.

For barbecues, outside dining or simply enjoying a glass of wine in your garden in the evening, this lamp provides just the right amount of soft light. For more impact, you could use more of the lamps grouped together or arranged in rows, or for a lively party, mix together a number of different coloured lamps.

The KOH lamp costs $150 from KOH Concepts, and has free shipping to the UK.

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