Five of the best shower styles

Whilst it’s always an asset to have a bathtub in the home, many contemporary apartments boast only a shower room. Thankfully there are a number of ultra-chic showers on the market today, many of which will allow you to change a simple shower room into a spa-like masterpiece.

Prior to altering your existing shower room, it’s important to take note of the various renovation rules that may apply. If you’re planning on renovating an existing property, you must be conscious of the constraints – this is especially the case if your property is of a certain age.

Digital showers

Digital shower ideas

One of the more contemporary showers on the market today comes in the shape of a digital shower. Aside from innovative wireless controls and a number of impressive settings, you can even turn the shower on from up to ten metres away. This is certainly an attractive setting and one that most will have no problems in using.

A celebrity-worthy shower

The various types of showers available today are growing more innovative by the minute and those keen on Zen philosophies may wish to create their very own Asian-inspired wetroom. A shower tray by Mira Showers is one such chic option that offers a similar effect to that of a spa retreat – instead of a traditional shower with a glass door, you can surround yourself with potted plants, richly coloured tiles and warm tainted woods.

Electric showers

An electric shower is a popular option for many of today’s homeowners, and instead of having to wait for the shower to heat up, switching it on will activate instant heat. This is certainly an asset to those with a busy schedule!

Shower enclosure

Mira bathroom shower enclosure

If you’re lucky enough to have an alcove within your bathroom, this is a perfect place in which to place a shower. As well as full enclosures, semi-frameless enclosures are becoming one of the more prevalent options for contemporary homes, especially in smaller bathrooms where they create the illusion of more space.

Mixer showers

A full and powerful shower is on every homeowner’s wishlist, as there is certainly nothing more trying than a weak dribble of water. Due to many UK homes boasting low-pressure water systems, the mixer shower is becoming a popular choice.

Aside from numerous spray nozzles available from different shower head attachments, the technology behind such a system is able to augment the internal valve waterways.

Contemporary bathroom design ideas

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