Luxury bathing: Duravit Nahho floatation bath tub


Contemporary design bath tub float

When is a bath not just for bathing? When it’s designed for floating too.

Luxury bathroom company Duravit are bringing one of the spa favourites – floatation tanks – to your bathroom, in the form of the Nahhoo bath tub. The idea is that floating enables you to enjoy a feeling of weightlessness and complete relaxation, as you ease away the stresses and strains of the day.

Best designer modern bath tub

The large, spacious bath provides plenty of room for you to float – on your back, or on your side. A specially designed curved headrest helps support your head as you float, but if you prefer, you can remove the lower part of it and slide further down into the water.

If you like having your ears underwater, then you can also take advantage of the musical aspects of this bath and use bluetooth technology to listen to music underwater.

Home floatation tank

The contemporary bath tub is exquisitely designed with your comfort in mind. All the essential controls – the tap fittings, waterfall tap and spotlights – are cleverly concealed behind a furniture flap (available in matt graphite or white finish) to provide a sleek finish.

If you’re seeking to create the ultimate designer bathroom retreat, then this definitely one bath tub that warrants further investigation.

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