Creative wall art using picture frame wall stickers


Create your own wall art

Here’s a novel way to create your own wall art without using hooks and nails.

If you love the look of a group of pictures hung together on the wall, but don’t have suitable frames or can’t / don’t want to have to add multiple picture hooks to your wall, then now you can use wall stickers to create the desired effect instead.

These picture frame wall stickers, which are exclusively to Rockett St George, feature a selection of decorative and ornate looking frames, designed to mimic the look of picture frames. All you need to do is stick the frame outlines on your wall then add pictures in the spaces provided.

You get 13 frames of varying sizes, so can art photos, pictures, memos or your own creative works of art to them. What’s more, they’re a bit of a bargain….the set was priced at £28, but they’re now reduced to £18 in the sale.

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