Bathroom accessories: Social networking design shower curtain

Social networking shower curtain student bathroom

If you live and breathe social networking and find it hard to be parted from your phone or computer in case you need to update your status, then how about bringing the world of social networking into your bathroom?

This novelty shower curtain design is based on a social networking profile page and even has a transparent window (revealing your head and shoulders only) so you can star in your shower curtain’s personal page.

The information includes all the usual details you find on sites such as Facebook, including who the shower curtain is friends with (Hot Tap and Shampoo & Conditioner), who wishes to be unblocked (Wash Basin) and who they’re in a relationship with (Limescale).

The amusing shower curtain is currently reduced to just £10.99 at Find Me A Gift and is sure to raise a few smiles in the morning.


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