The Lizzie Derriey Collection: Own a piece of wallpaper and textile design history

LD0065, £90

It’s no secret that Fresh Design Blog is a fan of wallpaper and textile design, so we’re very pleased and excited to be able to feature the wonderful collection by the Lizzie Derriey Design Studio.

Little is known about the Lizzie Derriey studio, except that it was based on Rue du Faubourg, Saint-Honore, in Paris and specialised in creating textile and wallpaper designs between 1928 and 1994, for well known fashion designers around the world.

In the region of 25 artists and designers worked on the collection, creating concept designs for fashion designers such as Givenchy, Ralph Lauren and Oscar de la Renta. As such, a large number of original artworks were created during this time, each of them designed by hand, and each original and unique.

LD0048, £90

All of the works of art are bold and creative. Graphic and floral designs dominate the work and, looking through them, you can get an insightful glimpse into the artistic influences, colour and fashion trends that were occurring during the years they were created.

LD00465, £250

When the studio closed, and production ceased, the Lizzie Derriey Collection was all but forgotten. That is until 2010, when part of the collection, featuring nearly 70 years of design classics, was rediscovered in the south of France.

LD00305, £90

In 2011, a small number of highly collectable and unique pieces were available exclusively through Liberty, who displayed the works of art in their London store. The framed and mounted art from Liberty sold for between £300 and £500 each.

LD004, £130

Now, in 2013, more of the pieces are available to buy direct from the owners, giving you the chance to own a special piece of Parisian design history, representing art, design and fashion of the time.

LD0015, £125

The individual, beautifully painted pieces of artwork are bold and vibrant and are individually priced. As they’re being sold unmounted and unframed, the prices are now much more affordable than they were from Liberty, plus you can choose to frame them in the way that works for you.

Most of the artworks are on paper measuring 650mm x 500mm in size, with a few (namely LD004 and LD00465) measuring 1000mm x 750mm, and come with a paper mark and Lizzie Derriey stamp for authenticity.

We’re featuring just 10 of the wonderful designs available, each bursting with colour, inspiration and life. Which would you choose to hang on your wall?

LD0072, £95

LD0086, £150

LD0075, £120

LD00302, £65

If you’ve fallen in love with the designs from The Lizzie Derriey Collection, and their fascinating story, as much as we have, then you can order your piece of Parisian design history by visiting:

By emailing John and Jane Kirk at Hotel Les Rochers – or by phoning: 00 33 5 62 97 09 52

(Prices are exclusive of postage and packing, but there’s free p&p if you order three or more).

If you wish to see the collection in person, then they’re available to view at Les Rochers Hotel in the South of France – accommodation and discounted room rates are available to anyone wishing to buy a piece of artwork.


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