Dormeo Octaspring Evolution Plus Memory Foam Pillow: Review

Memory foam pillow sleep review

Having previously reviewed and been impressed by the comfort of the Dormeo Octaspring mattress, we were interested to discover there are now pillows available with the same ‘octaspring technology.’

Dormeo kindly offered us the chance to road test (or bed test, really!) a pillow, so we took up the challenge and off we set to put it through its paces…

What’s special about the Octaspring Evolution Plus pillow?

Dormeo Octaspring mattress review

An Octaspring foam spring

The Evolution Plus pillow   is one of four pillows in the Dormeo Octaspring range that utilise their specially designed ‘octaspring’ technology (the other pillows in the range are Octaspring Classic Evolution, Octaspring Memory Evolution and Octaspring Evolution).

This means that, unlike standard pillows, the pillow is made up of special ‘springs’ constructed from memory foam.

The pillow has 12 soft memory foam springs to cradle the head, plus another 12 firmer foam springs around the edges of the pillow. These are designed to tuck under your neck and help keep your spine correctly aligned as you sleep.

Our verdict on the Octaspring Evolution Plus pillow

Having never slept on any kind of memory foam pillow before, it did take quite a bit of getting used to.

Firstly, because it’s a lot firmer than a standard synthetic pillow and secondly as there was a bit of a difference moving from sleeping on two pillows to just one Octaspring one.

At first, I tried using it placed on top of a standard pillow to provide the pillow height I’m used to, but to be honest it really didn’t work. The combination of a firm memory firm pillow on top of a soft standard one created a funny balance and I ended up with a stiff neck.

Instead, even though it’s lower than I’m used to, and hence probably why it took so long to get used to it, the best way of using the Evolution Plus pillow seems to be on its own (or perhaps it might work with another identical pillow beneath it if you do want the height?).

With time it did become a comfortable alternative to a standard pillow. The foam helps your head gently mould into the pillow each night, but you’re not left with a ‘dent’ in the pillow afterwards and it seems to spring back into shape again after use.

One of the benefits of the foam ‘springs’ is that they’re designed to allow good ventilation, and this was very evident, as the pillow stayed cool throughout the night.

If you don’t get on with standard pillows, or suffer from back problems, then the pillow may be a good option to try, especially as it’s designed to help provide a comfortable and well-aligned sleeping position.

Overall, the Octaspring Evolution Plus is a well made, comfortable pillow, with a nice outer finish, and is definitely worth trying if you’re interested in memory foam to improve your sleep. Compared to other pillows, it’s an investment piece at £80, but it does come with a two year guarantee from Dormeo Octaspring.

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