What Changes Can I Make To My Front Room To Get It In Perfect Shape For The Summer?

How to update your living room

Lounge, living room, sitting room, family room, front room – whatever you call it, it serves the same purpose. This area of the home is usually the first room that your visitors see and the one that they spend all their time in.

It’s also the room that we tend to redecorate the most in order to reflect our style and the season. Whilst heavy throws, chunky pillows and dark curtains might be ideal for those dark evenings throughout winter, they’ll probably look a bit gloomy at the height of summer.

Redecorating and swapping the furniture will certainly create a new look, but that’s not something we can do regularly. If you want to update your front room, but you’re working to a tight budget, here are some small changes that you can make to create a whole new look this summer.

Change the cushions

Your sofa and armchairs are big purchases that are designed to last for years, but they can quickly look outdated or tired. Freshen them up by changing the cushion covers – it’s not just colour that can have an impact, but you could even go from a modern look with a solid bold colour to vintage, with a floral design.

Take down the curtains

Thick and heavy curtains will make the entire room seem darker than it really is, so take them down and replace them with a lighter voile curtain or a roller blind. If you don’t have any nosy neighbours, you could even leave your window open, allowing all the natural light to flood in.

Create a feature wall

Redecorating every time we move from winter to spring would be a waste of our time and money. However, if you really want to change the look of your front room, you could add a feature wall. A bold wallpaper pattern will make a huge difference.


Homes up and down the country have far too much clutter, whether it’s a shelf of DVDs that are never watched, books that are no longer read, or ornaments that are never dusted. Simply putting your stuff out of sight will create a clean living space, which is perfect for summer.

Change your tableware

In the winter, you might have some candles in the centre of the coffee table. Switching them with a bowl of fresh fruit will give a fresh and summery feel – you can even match it to your colour scheme. Also, if you have dark wood, lighten up the furniture with some lightly coloured mats and coasters.

Add a house plant

By adding a splash of greenery to the front room, you will immediately fresh up the place and make it feel more summery. This tip should not go unnoticed by those that aren’t particularly green-fingered, as you could always add a fake plant for the same effect.

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