Limited edition Vanilla Cupcake Yankee Candle: One Million Fans and Glowing

Best home scented candles

Where scented candles are concerned, Yankee Candle have a vast array of products that can fill your home with glorious scents.

From sweet scents based on favourite baked goods, to fruity aromas, seasonal options and candles with just a hint of scent, there’s a candle for almost every taste.

The candles have a great burning time and the candle jars, in their various sizes, provide a safe way of burning a candle and keeping the wax contained. They’re perfect to burn to rid your home of cooking smells, or evoke memories through adding favourite scents into a room.

Limited edition Yankee Candle jar vanilla cupcake

Yankee Candle are currently celebrating getting one million fans on Facebook and have launched a special limited edition version of their best-selling Vanilla Cupcake candle. They’re also hosting a  March to a Million Golden Ticket Contest, giving a rare chance to win a three day trip to the company’s flagship store in Massachusetts.

The Thanks a Million Vanilla Cupcake candle is brimming with the aroma of freshly baked vanilla cupcakes. It’s available as a large jar candle and can be purchased online exclusively from Yankee Candle.


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