Flock Follies contemporary garden bird feeder

Contemporary garden accessories for feeding birds

If you’re keen to look after your feathered friends, then here’s a stylish and practical way of doing so.

The Flock Follies bird feeders combine modern design with feeding ability. The sturdy plastic cube design feeder is aimed at feeding small garden birds, such as sparrows, wrens, robins, finches and tits, and has been designed with safety in mind.

Five different types of bird food can be dispensed, such as seeds, nuts, suet balls or meal worms, plus there is an area for drinking built into the lid.

Made in Cornwall, the Flock Follies feeder comes flat packed for easy home assembly. The feeder is available in a choice of four lively colours – kiwi green, raspberry pink, mandarin orange or clear frost. They’re £35 each from Bouf and come with sunflower seeds to get you started.

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