Top Two Roll Top Baths for a Transitional Bathroom Design

Every well designed bathroom has a centrepiece – a focus of appeal and attraction that draws the eye as soon as you enter the room. Usually this feature is the bath and, as it sets the tone for the overall style and atmosphere of the bathroom, you need to make your choice very carefully.

Essentially there are three approaches that can be taken when it comes to the overall design of a bathroom: traditional, contemporary and transitional. A thoroughly traditional approach will rely entirely on proven and trusted Victorian or Edwardian designs, whereas a contemporary approach swaps these for clean lines, modern materials and innovations such as ‘waterfall’ style taps.

Transitional bathrooms borrow elements of both these styles to create a unique, quirky and fresh design. Leading bathroom experts Victoria Plumb look at the top two bath designs for this highly specific design style.

The Transitional Bathroom

Combining aspects of both old and new to come up with an eclectic and original approach that is unique, the transitional bathroom design allows for a strong traditional or modern centrepiece that compliments your bathroom’s design without having to follow the strictures of a formal theme. The wide range of style that Victoria Plumb offers is perfect for mixing and matching your own take on the concept.

Here are two top bath options for creating the perfect transitional bathroom.

1. Top Contemporary Bath

Whether traditional or modern, most bathtubs have large curved forms. The Manhattan Roll Top Bath is a modern, contemporary double ended roll top bath that simply oozes luxury and is perfect for anyone wishing to create a spa experience in their own home.

Luxury contemporary roll top bath

By being able to hold a relatively large capacity of water, this tub offers the potential for true relaxation from a long, deep soak. Built around extremely modern curved shapes and smooth finished edges, the Manhattan can be perfectly matched with modern and traditional accessories so you can build your own unique design.

If you do choose modern designs which offer practical solutions to space issues along with sleek design aesthetics, there are a number of ultra-modern ‘open’ tap designs to choose from. These give ‘waterfall’ effects when in use and are perfect for maintaining the spa vibe in your bathroom.

2. Top Traditional Bath

The idea of a transitional approach to bathroom design works both ways and the iconic Liberty Roll Top Slipper Bath mixes modern appeal with tried and tested classic style for the perfect duo. This bath was featured in the top ten baths on

How to create a transitional bathroom

By making a traditional roll top slipper bath the focal point of your bathroom, you can enjoy the ultimate in luxury bathing. A modern bathroom needs to fulfil its function in a straightforward way, but many people find that the older styles have an in-built sensuous appeal.

A totally contemporary bathroom suite in a period home can seem quite harsh and out of place but by using a transitional approach you can have the best of both worlds.

Whether it is using chrome ball and claw or dragon feet to add finishing touches to your bath, or incorporating a modern basin in a slim line vanity unit, the choices you can make using the transitional idea are only limited by your own imagination when working with Victoria Plumb.

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