Funky fresh design Tetris table lamp

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We’re having a ‘funky lights seem like buses’ kind of time at the moment….as just as we find one fab design light, along comes another one that’s just as good.

So today we can’t help but bring you another lovely light, this time based on the classic computer game, Tetris.

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This brilliant Tetris light not only evokes the feel of the classic game, but it also brings with it a tiny bit of game play too. Okay, so it’s not quite like the real thing, but you can take the different shaped blocks apart and rebuild the design of your lamp, which is pretty cool.

The lamp comes with seven multi coloured Tetrominoes which fit together, plus a mains adaptor and cable, and it’s perfect for using on a table.

Firefox have the Tetris lamp in stock for just £29.99 – a worthy investment for die hard Tetris fans.

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