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These days there’s a gadget for almost everything. If you’re keen to get crafty and creative in the kitchen, there are plenty of fun cooking gadgets you can use.

Gourmet Gadgetry produce a range of home gadgets to help you make delicious desserts, savoury foods and sweet treats in minutes. The waffle maker makes one large waffle, or five smaller heart shaped waffles. Try sweet waffles served with chocolate and cream for a dessert, or knock up a round of savoury potato waffles.

The non-stick electronic cake pop gadget makes 12 round cake pops and is great for using with children. But don’t think you’ll just be stuck with making cake in it – it also doubles up as a useful gadget to make other round foods in. Try pizza dough balls and other savoury party nibbles, and it seems better value for money then simply being a cake pop maker.

Both items can be purchased direct from Gourmet Gadgetry, but they’re also on special offer this week from Create and Craft. The waffle maker and cake pop maker are available for £24.99 each, plus you get 500g of luxury fondue and melting chocolate thrown in, so you can get baking and making straight away.

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