Contemporary garden: Living art garden planter frame

Living art contemporary garden planterContemporary herb planter idea

Looking for something a bit different to add a new perspective to your garden?

Forget having all your planters positioned on ground level and get yourself some living art frames.

These cleverly designed frames house small plant pots to create a framed art effect hanging to have on a wall or fence outside.

Use them to display pots of your favourite flowers, arranged in graduating heights, some fresh green plants or as a novel way of growing culinary herbs.

The living art frames are made from mild steel and can be powder coated in a choice of colours (black, white, light grey, beige, plate green or shocking pink). There are drainage holes in the base, small holes for light at the top and they come with brackets on the back, ready to be mounted.

The frames are made to order by Cockburn Engineering and cost £75 each.

They’re a great idea for a contemporary garden and would be especially good for those short on space, as you can make the most of planting in any free areas on walls or fences.


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