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It’s not the most exciting of kitchen purchases, but if you’re going to be washing up dishes, a dish rack drainer is a useful kitchen accessory to have. Plates, dishes and bowls can be safely propped up without falling over, allowing excess water to drain off and save your tea towel from getting to soggy when you dry up.

The majority of dish racks seem to be square or rectangular, with some made of uninspiring plastic or cheap chrome that doesn’t retain its colour or finish. So it’s nice to find a contemporary design that’s not only made of steel, but is also round in shape.

Designed by Pauline Deltour for Alessi, the a tempo dish drinking rack is made from polished steel and has a great aesthetic to it. It’s compact enough to work in small kitchen spaces, has enough room to stand plates and dishes, plus a cutlery draining pot too.

It’s worth shopping around for this dish rack, as prices vary considerably. Dotmaison sell it for £128 (gulp), whereas Made in Design have it available for £66. We’ve also found a new one for a little bit less on eBay (£63 and free P&P).

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