Five Top Tips to Declutter a Bedroom

Beds with hidden storage

Have you had enough of feeling like your belongings are closing in on you, taking your bedroom further and further away from the calming haven you desire and closer to the mad old hoarder’s lair you fear?

Stay calm: here are five tips to help you effectively tackle your clutter. We’ll show you how to hide it away so there is less on display, and make it appear like there is more open space in the room as a whole. Clutter will not take over your life!

1)   Firstly, find new and ingenious places to hide away your clutter. Stuffing belongings underneath a regular bed can mean more space in a room, but it could also mean your belongings are nearly impossible to reach and they’ll act as a dust trap – the last thing you want in a bedroom. Instead, why not go for a bed with in-built storage?  You’ll be able to neatly store away anything from books and bric-a-brac to linens and shoes.

2) Avoid creating a cluttered first impression by forgoing shelves mounted at eye-level, and fixing them high up instead. Shelves set above a door frame offer a great place to keep books and the like, while being as good as hidden to the casual glance.

3)  We all know lighter colours make a room look bigger and airier, but you needn’t sacrifice all personality. One feature wall in a lively shade or pattern will make the room a more welcoming place to be – which could well be more important than it looking empty and spacious anyway! If you want to be really clever, wallpapering the feature wall in a slightly reflective pattern will help to create a more three-dimensional, therefore bigger, look to the room. Horizontal stripes are good if your room is narrow, as they’ll visually widen it out.

4)  Let your storage do the talking. If you have a theme in your bedroom, get hold of storage solutions that fit this theme. That way, they’ll become an intentional feature of the room rather than looking like clutter. If your room has a traditional theme, look for an old-style trunk to sit at the foot of your bed. If you’ve created an oriental style theme, why not use a screen to conceal your nearly stacked belongings?

5)  If clutter is a real problem in your bedroom, you can’t really ignore this as an option: have a clear out. There, we said it. Of course, it may seem like an impossible task, but with guides like the one here from How Stuff Works to help you, you should soon be on your way to the more spacious home and bedroom you dream of.

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