10 Contemporary Rugs For Stylish Urban Homes

Modern living is all about clean lines, uncluttered spaces, and the harmonisation of form and function. But it’s all too easy to end up with a clinical, soulless interior if you take the minimalist design philosophy too far. Rugs are great for adding some softness, colour and proportion to a contemporary urban home.

This guest post takes a look at 10 of the coolest modern rugs money can buy.

Contemporary roundel RAF rug

This Roundel Rug is available from for £147.99. The simple, timeless bullseye design, used by the RAF since WWI, will also be familiar to any fans of The Who and the 1960s pop art movement.

Paint splash contemporary modern home rug

Prices for this Splat Rug start at £149. The design takes inspiration from the abstract expressionist movement, with obvious echoes of Jackson Pollock. Another great statement piece for the modern city-dweller.

Palm botany contemporary rug

This Eden Palm rug is available in a range of sizes, with prices from £39.99. The understated design takes its cue from nature, making it a perfect counterpoint to cold, synthetic materials like steel and acrylic.

Designer rug for a modern home

This unique Bubbles Square rug is designed by Sonya Winner, and available from for £1,995. Sonya – an acclaimed designer whose work has been compared with Matisse – says this rug is “inspired by bubbles blown from a wand that cluster together reflecting the surrounding colours as they float into the sky.”

Modern Mondrian home designs

Inspired by the early-20th century De Stijl art movement, made famous by the likes of Piet Mondrian, this Coloured Cubes rug costs from £239. This is a classic design that won’t ever go out of fashion.

Contemporary spot design rug

This Infinity rug is hand-made in India and costs from £375. This is a really versatile design that will inject colour and form into any space, whether it’s a kid’s bedroom or stylish modern living area.

Urban rugs for a modern home

This Street Art Girl rug costs £199.99. If you like edgy design with an emphatically urban flavour, this bright, bold rug is full of inner-city attitude.

Cool contemporary rugs for an urban home

If money’s no object, this Fly Tip rug could be yours for £1,220 per sq/m.  The design almost defies description, but it’s still guaranteed to be a real conversation piece that will make an impression in any contemporary home.

Kodari canvas rug from Holland

Imported from Holland, this Kodari Canvas rug from Funky Rugs will set you back upwards of £1,169. It’s definitely not cheap, but you’re paying for a designer piece, hand-knotted in Nepal using traditional techniques.

Best rug for a student house

Finally, available for just £31.45, this Che Guevara rug would make a great addition to a student flat. For radical style on a tight budget, look no further.

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