Treat Your Home to a New Year Makeover

January doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom!

Yes, you’re returning to work and the weather might be awful, but this shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the New Year. Time is what you make of it, so turn that frown upside down and start thinking positive.

One great way to motivate yourself and transform your life in 2013 is to make your house into the home you want it to be. Getting up in the morning in a home you love, can help put a smile on your face, plus it’s a great feeling to create the decor and space that you want to live in.

How to Improve Your Home

If you’ve not decorated or done anything much to your house, the idea of giving it a makeover can be a daunting task.

Rather than trying to do everything at once, approach it room by room. Let’s face it, you spend most of your time here (especially during the colder months) so it’s essential for you to make your mark.

Improving your home doesn’t have to involve major DIY; sometimes all it takes is simple, little changes. Think about adding colour or new soft furnishings to rooms such as your living room, dining room or bedroom to make it more lively and appealing.

Cushions are available in a great range of colours and designs, so try replacing any old, worn cushions and investing in something new. Liven up your bedroom by adding a throw or bedspread to a bed, or get yourself some new bedding.

The hall or lobby often get overlooked, but it’s the first part of the house you see when you walk in the door, so consider how you could set a more inspired scene. Could you change the carpets, paint the wall or hang some inspirational wall prints?

Living in a warm house helps lift your spirits on cold winter days. To help add warmth in a home, consider investing in a Defra approved stove for those cold days and nights still to come.

If you’re prepared to do a bit more work, or get a builder in, think about changing your kitchen cupboards, having a new kitchen or improving your bathroom.

Aspects such as these can really bring your home to life; what better way to motivate yourself for 2013?

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