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Older buildings have a certain character, but modern buildings can easily provoke the WOW factor. It’s no wonder then that it’s the buildings which merge the old with the new that create original yet mesmerising architecture. The old incorporates grace and grandeur whilst the new incorporates functionality and contemporary style.

Merging the old and new can create amazing designs but you can’t just rush on in there without thinking it through properly. It’s far too easy to ruin a perfectly wonderful old building by not thinking the concept through thoroughly. For some old buildings, adding clean lines, geometric shapes and modern materials just doesn’t work, so if you’re thinking of a renovation how can you ensure you get the perfect mix?

Choose the right era of old

Old buildings can be categorised into eras and from the offset you can imagine whether or not modern architecture will complement or ruin the design of an old building. Edwardian properties are generally a no go unless it’s a renovation to restore a property to its former glory, sprucing up the paint work, reinforcing the woodwork and changing the old single panes to double glazing windows. On the other hand Victorian properties tend to offer a base that complements the addition of modern materials including glass and exposed metal.

Have confidence in your design

An old building with only a hint of modern design can end up looking out of place. If you’re going to update an old building you need the conviction to approach it with confidence. Take the time to plan and don’t do things by halves, have faith in your design ideas and follow them through until the end. There’s nothing worse than a semi-completed renovation that stays unfinished for years.

Do your research

Whether you’re planning your own renovation or having an architect design it for you, research is the key to getting it right. Start collecting images of the buildings you like, put together mood boards with materials, the internet is a great resource to search designs from across the world. Always make sure you go and see a similar construction in the ‘flesh’ as photographs can sometimes depict an altogether different image.

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