Planning a Bespoke Kitchen of Your Dreams

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As the old adage states, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and in the same manner, the way to a house’s heart is through its kitchen.

Houses are bought and sold on the strength of their kitchens, and are usually the first thing to be remodelled when new owners move in.

Your kitchen has to represent you and your lifestyle, so getting the design that works for you, your family and what goes on within it takes a great deal of consideration. Here are a few things to thinks about when planning a bespoke kitchen of your dreams.

Seek Advice

Like planning for a wedding, most people have made vague plans of what they think that they might want long before they meet ‘The One’. However, turning this into a reality takes a lot of fine-tuning.

Talk to bespoke kitchen designers such as Increation about some of your ideas. This way you will be able to get more of your own input into the design as they use their own craftsmen and source all of the products and materials around what you want.

Using High Street firms will result in you having to fit around what products and stock they have available and could result in compromise on certain features.

Put function before fashion

A good kitchen design should be timeless. Appliances may change and develop over time, but how you utilise the space and how it makes you feel should remain fairly consistent.

Choosing a high gloss, brilliant white worktop might fit with the style that you have selected on your mood board of ideas, but if that is where the kids usually do their homework it might not hold its lustre for long.

Draw on your memory bank of certain designs you have admired in the past and see if they still resonate with you now. Take on board the latest trends and styles but don’t be a slave to them.

Embrace your fantasy

Your new kitchen needs to represent and reflect you, so let your imagination run wild and contemplate a quirky feature you might like to include which will hint at the kind of person you are.

Maybe it could be an original mosaic or tile used, or a pattern that echoes around the space. Visit your favourite gallery or museum and look at art and design related magazines, not just ones that focus on interior design.

Make a list of the works of art that resonate with you and see if you could make a reference to a building, painting or sculpture that you identify with.

Or maybe you have a geographical place that you would like to capture the essence of and allude to with the colours you chose etc.

Get your kitchen right and the rest of your house should fall into place, and even if it takes time figuring out exactly what you want, it will be time well spent and should also be a lot of fun.

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