The Importance of Picking the Right Bathroom Furniture

Bathroom furniture, banished to the wilderness during the last ten years whilst minimalism was the dominant force in bathroom design, is back, and it’s better than ever.

There are now more cupboards and cabinets available than ever before, and in just about every conceivable variation of size, shape and finish. But with such a huge range of products, choosing the perfect furniture for your bathroom can start to feel like a daunting prospect.

We all have different requirements, tastes and differently sized bathrooms, so let’s look at a few of the key variables to consider, making sure that you achieve the best possible results.

There are three types of storage unit that consistently out-sell all the others, giving us a fairly clear idea of how effective and useful these models are.

Firstly, there is the fitted vanity unit, which will allow you to keep your basin area clear from clutter, as we do all tend to accumulate far more toiletries and cosmetics than we really need, and this area of the bathroom tends to be where they end up. As a fitted unit, it will help to streamline your bathroom, concealing the pipes that are connected to your basin and taps, for a less functional appearance.

The arrangement of drawers and doors is entirely up to you, but these units are a great way to keep all of your assorted bathroom products neatly organised and discreetly out of sight, whilst remaining within easy reach.

A vanity unit will also provide you with a generous amount of surface area, so you can spread out when you need to.

Wall-mounted cabinets are always popular, as in Britain we don’t tend to have very large bathrooms, and this way, one doesn’t have to sacrifice floor space in order to gain storage capacity.

In shared or family bathrooms, giving each bathroom user their own cabinet, or section of a cabinet, can be a great way to keep things straight forward and efficient. For families with younger children, wall-mounted cabinets can be a great way to store any medicines or supplements safely out of the reach of curious young hands.

Finally, we have the tall, narrow freestanding unit known as the Tallboy. These units are so popular largely due to the fact that they would seem perfectly natural in any room in the home, thus helping the make bathroom feel less like a purely functional space and more like a natural extension of the rest of your décor.

As for finish, well, natural wooden tones or veneers are the most popular choice, bringing tactile appeal and a real warmth to your bathroom aesthetic, the perfect way to counteract to the slightly cold and sterile nature of an all-white bathroom suite.

Lighter woods, such as oak and pine, will keep the room feeling light and fresh, whilst darker tones, such as walnut and wenge, will create a dramatic, opulent look – a real style statement.

There are also metallic units crafted from stainless steel and brushed aluminium, as well as all manner of coloured lacquers, and even patterned designs.

The point is that with such a wide array of furniture options available, you will be able to find the perfect units for your bathroom. So take some time to have a click about and discover your ideal furniture. Good luck!

This is a guest post by Helen Davies, a senior content writer for Better Bathrooms, who sell good looking contemporary and traditional bathroom furniture at a realistic prices.

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