Ways to Save Money in the House

UPVC windows double glazingAs Christmas gets closer, money gets tighter, which means that it’s time for us to look at some money saving tips a little closer to home.

Just take a minute to think about it – if you made the effort to play everything by the book (like turning the lights off when you’re not using them, or wearing more layers instead of sticking the heating on full) could you imagine how many extra pennies you would have? Loads.

Well, don’t despair, it’s never too late. Here are some of our ideas to get you saving money in the house.

Your home

In your home there are lots of ways for you to save money. One of the biggest ways is to make sure no heat can escape from those four walls.

Take a look at your house from top to bottom. Firstly, has your attic been insulated? Insulating your attic can help prevent heat from being wasted, and thus stop those pounds from just rolling down the drain.

Double glazing is also an essential, as this can save you money in the long run. If you’re in need of new windows then check out Weatherseal double glazing windows, as these will most certainly provide that much needed peace of mind.

In addition to this, another way to save money is by draft proofing your house as this again retains heat, keeping you nice and toasty in the winter months. Get your house covered (literally) and you’ll be surprised at how much you’ll save.


This is an easy one to find a solution for. All you need to do is go green! No, not like the incredible hulk, we wouldn’t like you when you’re angry… What we mean is, try to become more environmentally friendly!

Truth is, if you haven’t already done so, then you need to start using energy saving light bulbs as these have the potential to save you tons of money. An energy saving light bulb can last TEN TIMES longer than an ordinary bulb, so it would be daft not to use them.


Now we’re not suggesting that you live without heating completely, that would be ridiculous! We do live in Britain after all, where sunshine is a rare treat that comes but once a year (if we’re lucky).

But what we are suggesting is that you shouldn’t be too quick to turn up the thermostat when you’re feeling a bit chilly.

Apparently turning your heating down by 1°C can cut your bills by 10%; makes that extra blanket seem not such a bad idea after all doesn’t it?

Another way to save money is to invest in a storage heater. These little beauties have clay bricks inside them that store heat during the night which is then released throughout the day. The lack of heat used at night makes storage heaters very economical, so it’s one worth considering.

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