Furnishing Your Bedroom – A Buyers Guide

Contemporary bedroom furniture and bedside table

Bentley domino oak bedroom furniture

Furnishing a bedroom from scratch can be a daunting prospect, but creating a functional and stylish contemporary bedroom needn’t be a headache.

Adding a beautifully crafted lamp and expensive designer bed linen will draw the eye away from a mass manufactured wardrobe and bedside table, or a plain looking bed. Mixing and matching is perfectly acceptable and can help you create your own unique style.

For those who have neither the creativity nor the time to indulge in fantastical ideas, matching bedroom units are a simple yet effective way of furnishing your room. The advantage of this means the style of the soft furnishings, wallpaper, and accessories, can be changed at a whim, to create a whole new look.

Once a bed has been chosen, the second most important buy is the wardrobe. This should be as large as possible WITHOUT dominating the room. Consider a wardrobe which compromises drawers, hanger space and if possible a shelf or two. Shelves inside a closet are useful for storing a television set, or can be used for folded bed linen and towels, items that can take up a lot of drawer space.

When choosing a bedside table it is best to have one at bed height, so it easy to reach nightlights and alarm clocks. Ideally, the top of the table should be level with the top of your mattress for easy access. Many bedside tables have a couple of drawers or a small cupboard under the table top – these are an excellent choice as you can never have too much storage space.

Ideally, a chest of drawers should match your wardrobe, unless you are willing to pay for a unique design or want to have a feature piece. Having several drawers is more practical than just having three large ones, as they will prevent clothing getting creased and roughed around while searching for a particular item.

If you have the room for a chair in the bedroom, why not think about a futon chair or a chair bed? They’re ideal when you need a bed for a guest to stay over and work well in children’s rooms too.

Strategically placed mirrors will reflect light and open up the room and smaller spaces will benefit greatly from one or more mirrors on the walls.

Whatever design is finally chosen for the bedroom furniture, think storage first and foremost, and remember that even the plainest bedroom furniture can be complemented with a few choice accessories, stylish wallpaper and funky soft furnishings to create your perfect bedroom.

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