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When it’s time to buy a new sofa, or buy one for the first time, there are a few vital points to consider before you set off to the store, or settle online to find the object you will be parking your posterior on for the next few years.

We all want value for money when purchasing anything new, so here are three important points to take into consideration when shopping for your new sofa.

The Frame

You need a frame that will stand the test of time, so it needs to be sturdy. A decent frame will have dowelling, screws and glue, firmly holding the construction of the frame together.

A frame that is just flimsily nailed or stapled together or has no wooden blocks reinforcing the corners will not be sturdy and will shorten your sofas life immeasurably.


Suspension basically means the springs that give your sofa it’s bounce and it’s resilience to being jumped on by the children, or heavily plonked on at the end of a long day!

You need to pay attention to how the springs are set in the frame. As with the frame, these are hidden from view on your sofa, so these are important things to look up in the catalogue, or to ask your salesperson about in the shop.

The tighter the coils of these springs are fixed to the frame the more longevity you will get from their ability to support all those people sitting on the sofa! So, coils that are TIED into the frame will be stronger than coils that are just DROPPED into the frame.

The Cushions

The cushions of your sofa need to be durable both filling wise and material wise. Removable covers or wipe down surfaces are a must, if you are wanting your sofa to stand the test of time. Take time to work out how you best want your sofa to feel, soft and squidgy, or hard and firm?

It’s always a personal choice, but researching the possible fillings for your cushions, will mean you know exactly what you’re plumping for when you get to the store.

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