What To Consider When Designing a New Kitchen

Contemporary kitchen design ideas

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So, you’ve decided it’s high time you got the kitchen you’ve always wanted and you’re finally going to get rid of your dated looking units and get something a bit more contemporary.

Where do you start when designing a new kitchen and what are the key things to consider?

Kitchen layout

Well, the first thing to think about is work flow and where everything should be placed in the kitchen.

When you’re in the thick of it preparing the family Christmas dinner, there’s nothing worse than having to run from one side of the kitchen to the next looking for a spare inch of work space so you can peel the sprouts and chop the carrots.

Wide, spacious worktops right beside the hob and oven are very important for a happy cooking experience and the more workspace you can squeeze into whatever area you have available to you, the better.

Cupboards and storage

The next thing to think about is cupboard space and where you are going to store your cooking utensils, pots, pans and crockery.

Again, think about your work flow and how you’re going to move about the kitchen.

A good idea is to have a large pull out drawer just under your oven or hob where you keep all your pots and pans and other large cooking vessels.

If you have room for a drawer with a carousel in it then all the better. That way you can just twist it round to grab the pot you need without having to clatter through all the others.

Another key thing to consider is where you want your fridge freezer to go and how big you want it.

Obviously it’s a good idea to keep it as far away from the oven as possible otherwise it will just have to work overtime to keep everything chilled, which will add to your energy bills and isn’t very good for your carbon footprint.

Gas or electricity

Finally, have a think about whether you want to use gas or electricity.

This will most likely come down to a matter of personal preference. Some people love cooking with gas as the heat is instant and you don’t have to wait for the hob to heat up, while others prefer electric hobs and ovens.

If you don’t have gas fired central heating in your home then it might be a good idea to opt for electric appliances, otherwise you will have to get a separate gas connection which may not be worthwhile if it’s just to fire up your hob.

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