Weekend rituals and home comforts

After the long working week comes the weekend – 48hrs of free time at home to do what you please.

Sadly it doesn’t always work out that you get all the time to yourself, especially when you’re a busy parent or have commitments taking up time. But savouring the moments you do have help keep the weekend something to look forward to and being able to enjoy the comfort and space in your home, away from work pressures, helps you relax and unwind.

Many of us have weekend rituals, such as enjoying home cooked food, having a lie in or having friends around before going out, and these help us feel special and give us the chance to enjoy being at home after a busy working week.

A night on the tiles

When it comes to finishing time on a Friday there’s usually only one thing on our minds, a good night out to forget the stresses of the week and enjoy some fun and dancing with friends.

Even more of a ritual than the night out itself perhaps is getting ready at home. Opening a bottle of wine, trying on every outfit in the wardrobe and planning the evening ahead.

To make it a ritual to remember, find the perfect dressing table, invite your friends around and buy in a few bottles of bubbly and some tasty nibbles.

Taking the load off

Whether or not you get a lie in, the weekend is the time when you can be sinful with the amount of time you spend lounging in bed or on the couch.

It’s the only time that you actually get to take a load off and sit down for more than five minutes without having yet something else to do.

We sit at work all week dreaming of having that little bit of time to relax, so next weekend take the time to really appreciate putting your feet up.

Weekend food

There’s nothing better than waking up on a Saturday morning and staying in your PJ’s.

We love nothing more than sitting in front of the TV watching Saturday kitchen with a bacon sandwich and a brew, or maybe even a croissant and a cappuccino.

Good food is one of the things that make it really feel like the weekend, we all forget the diet and indulge in the finer things in life.

Sunday was made to be a day of rest and even has its own meal dedicated to it, whether it’s enjoyed at home, at the local pub or even a fancy bistro restaurant, the ‘The Sunday Roast’ is an absolute must and an age old weekend ritual that’s sure to last.

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