5 Contemporary Christmas Trees

Only two months to Christmas Day – where has the time gone?

If you can bear thinking about Christmas home decorating, then the shops are already well stocked with Christmas ideas. If you’re after a new Christmas tree, then now’s the time to get deciding what you’d like.

As far as artificial Christmas trees go, they don’t need to be boring or traditional! In fact, there are some great contemporary, different and minimalist Christmas trees available that will provide impact, decoration and interest in your home, won’t drop pine needles all over the floor and will last year after year.

What do you think of these five contemporary Christmas trees?

1. The minimalist gold glitter Christmas tree

Alternative Christmas tree ideas

Gold glitter resin tree

This gold glitter Christmas tree is certainly a good minimalist tree option. It’s 6ft high, made of resin, comes in a gold pot and has just the right amount of glitter on it.

You could decorate the tree or leave it bare. The contemporary gold glitter Christmas tree is £150 from John Lewis.

2. The colourful light-up bauble twig Christmas tree

Colourful contemporary alternative Christmas decoration

Light up bauble tree

This light-up bauble tree is fun, colourful and a nice alternative to a green Christmas tree.

The brown twig-effect branches are finished with a light-up bauble, so you don’t even have to decorate it.

At just £25 from M&S, this is an affordable tree to use on its own, or in addition to, other Christmas decorations.

3. The slimline silver pine Christmas tree

Contemporary alternative Christmas tree ideas

Alberta pine tree

If space is an issue, then a slimline tree is a good option. This Alberta pine Christmas tree is elegantly slim and just 2ft tall, so is perfect for smaller spaces. It has hinged branches and, as well as being available in silver, there’s a black option too.

The slim Alberta pine Christmas tree is £90 from Heal’s.

4. The black Christmas tree

Contemporary slim black Christmas tree

Black tree

Black Christmas trees are a popular alternative to traditional green trees and this one comes in a tall and slim pencil style.

This tree would look good accessorized with gold tree decorations and you wouldn’t need a lot to adequately fill the branches.

The pencil black Christmas tree is 6ft, easy to assemble and costs £45 from Next.

5. The indigo blue Christmas tree

Blue alternative Christmas tree

Indigo blue tree

Forget green….ever tried a blue Christmas tree? Here’s your chance!

This compact  indigo blue Christmas tree is decorated with a mix of matt and metallic blue foils to create a magical and rather different effect.

It would be great with silver and white decorations.

The indigo tree is available in two sizes, exclusively from DZD.

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