Clever Closet under stairs storage solution

Store things at home under your stairs

Does your house have enough storage space?

Many homes don’t and, in a bid to help people become more organised and make vital use of any space they do have, Clever Closet was formed.

This simple and affordable understairs storage solution is custom-designed and makes valuable use of the wasted space under stairs.

The units are designed to fit under the main stairwell (others can be designed for attic space) and involve slide-out drawer units.

How to create a cupboard under your stairs

You can choose to have one big drawer, or have the space split into smaller drawers. It’s the ideal place to store shoes and boots, children’s toys, equipment that you don’t need all the time or cleaning products.

Clever storage built into stairs

There are no drawer handles, so the drawers are hidden from view when not in use.

How to build storage under your stairs

The units can be installed in a few hours from expert fitters, or if you’re a DIY expert, you can fit them yourself.

It’s a great idea for maximising home storage and for making use of wasted space. Find out more at Clever Closet.

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