The Secret Charms of Designer Bedding

Luxury designer bedding from Debenhams

Macdonald Chantelle bedding

While the importance of a good bed and mattress is widely recognised, fewer people are as likely to suggest that the quality of your bedding can also affect your sleep. However, even when you disregard the fact that some materials may be more likely to irritate sensitive skin, bed sheets do play a part in the quality of your sleep.

Tuck yourself under bedding that you feel comfortable with and you’ll find it much easier to drop off. On the other hand, if you have to get into a bed with ugly, unattractive or garish bedding and you’ll feel too anxious to completely relax before you’ve even got undressed.

New bedding is also a great way to inject some life into your bedroom. While re-decorating your bedroom can be expensive, not to mention incredibly inconvenient if you plan to repaint the walls or put in a new carpet, changing your bedding is a quick, easy and relatively cheap way to instantly transform the environment. The bed is the centre of attention in any bedroom, so it’s no surprise that a simple change of bedding should produce such effects.

With the money you’ll save on taking this quick and simple decorating short-cut you can afford to splash out on some truly luxurious bedding. Debenhams has a range of stylish bedding from exclusive designers such as Rocha.John Rocha and Julien Macdonald that look a lot more expensive than they actually are. Some people will want something truly sumptuous like Macdonald’s ‘Chantelle’ bed linen in silver with matt satin and black flocked lace, while others will find Rocha’s simple and elegant ‘Poppies’ bed linen more appealing.

Red and white poppy bedding

Poppies bed linen

When it comes to your bedding don’t forget the extras. Bed throws and cushions can instantly enhance any bedroom. As well as the aesthetic improvements an extra throw will keep you warm and snug in winter, while cushions are great for propping yourself up on a lazy Sunday morning.

So while you might find yourself struggling to get through the day, there’s no reason why you can’t sleep like a king or queen with affordable, luxurious bedding and covers.

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