Penguin Donkey bookcase for a modern home

Contemporary modern animal book shelf

The penguin donkey bookcase

The name of this bookcase – the penguin donkey - is a bit of an oxymoron. But there’s a simple reason for it.

No, it’s not a penguin in disguise as a donkey, but a donkey shaped bookcase originally designed to store and showcase classic Penguin Books.

The bookcase was originally designed in 1939 by Egon Riss and made in London by Isokon Plus, a leading form involved in modern architecture and design.

This piece of furniture is made from birch plywood and was created as a way to elegantly store and display a collection of paperback books. It’s a great design and still as perfect for a modern home today as it was in 1939.

The penguin donkey bookcase is available from various retailers, including The Conran Shop, who sell it for £650.

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