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Affordable textured wallpaper brick wall

Brick design wallpaper

Textured effect wallpapers, like the log cabin stacked wood mural we featured recently, are all the rage at the moment.

If it’s a brick wall effect you’re after, then here’s a great wallpaper design that’s super affordable.

The bricks wallpaper is from Next and helps create the effect of a well worn textured brick wall.

As you’d expect with a normal wall, some of the bricks look more worn than others, with pale shades running through them, whilst others have darker patches. Compared to some other similar wallpapers, these bricks have got just the right balance of colour to create a realistic brick wall effect.

The brick wallpaper is ideal for creating a feature wall – a whole room papered in this might be too much. At only £15 a roll from Next, it’s not going to break the bank if you want to give it a try!

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