Log cabin stacked wood wallpaper mural

How to create a stacked wood log feature

Wooden log effect mural

We’ve come across several interiors recently – both homes and commercial interiors – that have created wonderful features from stacks of wood and logs.

Whilst it’s great if you have a wood burner, as the wood can be put to good use, or you’ve got access to a pile of logs, sometimes it’s not so practical. So if you like the idea of a feature wall of stacked logs in your home, but want minimum hassle in creating it, here’s the cheat’s way to get the effect.

This wallpaper mural, created from an image of stacked logs, looks just like the real thing, but takes a lot less effort to create. All you need to do is paste the wall and apply the mural.

The log cabin wallpaper mural is available in three sizes – mini, standard and x-large – and is available from Shop On Your Doorstop.

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