How to create a contemporary coastal theme in your home

We’ve recently written a guest post for Houzz on creating a contemporary coastal chic look in your home and thought we’d share some of our product picks here.

Coastal or nautical interior design schemes remain a popular choice, but if you thought they only work in shabby chic or vintage homes, then it’s time to think again. This design trend works wonderfully in contemporary or modern homes too and there are lots of gorgeous products around to help you effortlessly create the look.

Coastal chic for your walls

Contemporary modern nautical wallpaper

Whitby wallpaper

The Whitby wallpaper by Mini Moderns is a brilliant modern interpretation of a nautical theme – you can almost see those waves moving!

Coastal chic for your table

Contemporary coastal pottery for a modern home

Sardine Run serving bowl

Jersey Pottery’s Sardine Run tableware is distinctive and iconic. It’s named after the annual mass spawning of sardines and the contemporary design reflects this down to a tee.

The serving dish is lovely and practical to use at a dining table, but too nice to hide away in a cupboard when it’s not in use. It’s stocked by Starfish Bay, along with lots of other matching pieces of pottery.

Coastal chic for your living room

Coastal nautical contemporary chic vase

Sea inspired vase

Here’s a gorgeous piece of contemporary art glass that evokes the colours of the sea wonderfully. The Kosta Boda sculptural seaside vase is designed by Goran Warff and sold by Iapetus.

For more contemporary coastal chic home ideas, suitable for a modern or contemporary home, check out our post on Houzz.

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