No storm in your teacups: How to create a calm kitchen

Kitchen tiles from The Tile Depot

In today’s hectic world, it is a rare treat to find yourself in a room that makes you feel completely calm and tranquil. As we spend so much time in our kitchens nowadays, even if we’re not preparing huge banquets from scratch but just whipping up a quick stir fry or simply using the room as a base to entertain friends, it’s a great place to create a peaceful atmosphere.

So how do you go about bringing the calming vibes into the hub of your home? This guide will help you do just that, because with some carefully selected items of decoration, and a specially chosen colour scheme, you’ll soon be reaping the benefits that a modern yet timeless kitchen can offer.

Choose neutral colours that won’t leave you flustered. A base of cool whiles, natural stone and soft beige will leave the space feeling airy and you feeling clear-minded. To stop walls looking too plain, decorate them with mosaic tiles from The Tile Depot. These can make for intricate detail and an elegant splash back, especially if using neutral colours.

Don’t clutter up your sides. Keep as much hidden away in cupboards as possible. Brightly-coloured packaging will spoil the tranquil atmosphere so ensure you have adequate storage space, or consider some pale-coloured jars or biscuit barrels placed neatly on coordinating surfaces to hide your multi-coloured snacks away.

Let as much natural light in as possible. Keep windows free of any curtains or blinds if you can. If you really need the privacy, choose a voile in the sheerest material suitable. Maximising the amount of natural daylight in your home has a whole host of benefits from uplifting spirits to helping the body fend off Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), so make the most of every ray of light you can get into your kitchen!

Make use of the modern world to increase your calm. Avoid stacked-up dirty dishes with a dishwasher, be fully prepared to entertain with minimal effort by investing in a built in wine-cooler, and, if possible, choose a fridge with an attached ice-maker.

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