Indoor allotment herb growing kit from Prezzybox

Grow your own herbs indoors

Grow your own indoors

If you love using fresh herbs in cooking, but lack a garden, then here’s a fun a way of growing your own – in an indoor allotment.

This great little herb growing kit comes with mini plant pots and an allotment to put them into – you even get a white picket fence and a mini shed!

In the shed you’ll find snips, soil pellets and three packs of seeds containing coriander, basil and oregano, to get you started.

Grow your own herbs at home

It’s a great way of growing culinary herbs on an easy-to-manage level, without the hassle of needing to look after a whole garden, and you can keep all your bits and pieces tidied away in the ‘shed’.

The indoor allotment costs £24.99 from Prezzybox.

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