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Jan Constantine official London 2012 home textiles

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012
London 2012 official homeware and textiles

Patriotic textiles by Jan Constantine

The shops are awash with London 2012 themed homeware, but if it’s textiles you’re after, then you must check out Jan Constantine’s products.

British designer Jan was awarded an official license to manufacture London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic home textiles and has produced an eye-catching array of red, white and blue patriotic products that will help you retain memories of the games long after they’ve finished.

The patriotic cushions are made in linen and embroidered in wool, with bold London 2012 emblems. They’re now on sale at the Olympic Park London 2012 Megastore, online from the London 2012 shop or via Jan Constantine’s website.

A percentage of the sale of each product goes towards the cost of staging the Olympic Games.

3 Of The Best London Themed Wallpapers

Monday, July 30th, 2012

With all eyes on London as host of the 2012 Olympic Games, here are three of the best London city themed wallpapers.

1. Albany London Life wallpaper

Iconic images of London

London Life wallpaper

Albany’s London Life wallpaper features some of the iconic images of London and sporting activities in a fun and quirky manner.

The hand drawn wallpaper has a lot of detail in it and the images are red, blue and yellow on a white background. It’s a lovely way of decorating your home and celebrating all the best bits of London, such as Big Ben, the Tower of London, red telephone boxes, black cabs and rowing down the Thames.

The London Life wallpaper is available for £28 per roll from Wallpaper Direct.

2. Graham and Brown Londinium wallpaper

Images of London cityscape wallpaper

Londinium wallpaper

There’s an extraordinary amount of detail included in this cityscape style Londinium wallpaper.

London’s best known landmarks, buildings and attractions lie cheek by jowl across the paper, producing a stunning decorative effect on the wall.

A 10m roll of the Londinium wallpaper costs £25 from Graham and Brown.

3. Brewer’s Coloroll London text wallpaper

Contemporary graphic London wallpaper

London text wallpaper

This bold red, white and blue wallpaper from Coloroll celebrates the best of London in text format.

From Chelsea and Victoria, to Greenwich, Hyde Park and Soho, this graphic wallpaper is a feast for the eyes, as as it reminds you of all the places and locations London is famous for.

One 10m roll of the London text wallpaper costs £8.99 from Wallpaper Direct.

Driade Tokyo Pop designer daybed

Friday, July 27th, 2012
Contemporary Japanese designer daybed

Contemporary daybed

What do you think of this contemporary design daybed?

Made by Japanese designer, Tokujin Yoshioka, the unusually shaped daybed is made from polyethylene and is designed so that you can lie back and relax.

The daybed is suitable for using both inside your home or outside in the garden and is available in white or black.

The Driade Tokyo Pop daybed is in stock at Mac and Mac Interiors.

Alessi Tigrito designer cat bowls

Thursday, July 26th, 2012
Contemporary designer cat bowl

Alessi cat bowl set

One for your feline friends!

Feed your cat in style, with the help of these Tigrito blue cat bowls.

Designed by Miriam Mirri for Alessi, the bowls feature a blue kitten between a pair of metal bowls.

The kitten’s elongated tail doubles up as an easy-to-pick up handle, so you can move the bowls at ease. The bowls can be removed from the stand for easy cleaning.

The Alessi Tigrito cat bowl set is available from Heal’s.

Hanne Rysgaard cow design ceramic milk jug

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012
Contemporary handmade ceramic milk jug

Cow design milk jug

Get that ugly plastic milk carton off the table – it’s time to do things properly and decant your fresh milk into a proper milk jug.

These contemporary style ceramic milk jugs are handmade in Bristol by Hanne Rysgaard. The slipcast jugs are made from glazed porcelain and decorated with a cow design – cows on grass, to be precise.

They’re  fun and funky, available in two sizes (medium and large) and are safe to be popped in the dishwasher or microwave.

The cows on grass milk jugs are available to buy from Hanne Rysgaard Ceramics on Not On The High Street.

Marcel Wanders striped glass carafe

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012
Designer glassware for a contemporary home

Rainbow glass carafe

Marcel Wanders has designed some colourful products for the current season at Marks and Spencer and we can’t help but love this carafe water jug.

The handmade glass carafe has a striking rainbow striped design in the middle – it’s very eye-catching!

The carafe would be perfect for serving water in at the table, or to use to have water in by your bed, to quench your thirst if you get thirsty during the night.

The Marcel Wanders striped carafe is priced at £25 and matching hi ball glasses and tumblers (both £9.50 each) are also available.

Dualit Vario two slice toaster in orange

Monday, July 23rd, 2012
Pantone tangerine tango 2012 orange year

Orange toaster

The year 2012 may mean the Olympics and Queen’s Diamond Jubilee to some, but for others it’s the year of celebrating the joy of orange, or Pantone’s Tangerine Tango.

We’ve already brought you a selection of products for your home that embrace the uplifting shade of orange, but here’s another beauty to add to your wish list.

Dualit do a great range of toasters and are renowned for having them available in funky colours. Now there’s even a bright orange toaster available that will surely help lift your spirits in the morning.

Available exclusively from Selfridges, the two slice Vario toaster has all the mod-cons you expect from Dualit, including a defrost setting and buns and bagel toasting ability. Bring on the toast!

Jack light by Tom Dixon

Thursday, July 19th, 2012
Contemporary light by designer Tom Dixon

The Jack light

Do you remember the game of Jacks?

I’ve got fond memories of hours spent playing Jacks and this Jack light by Tom Dixon, which is based on a similar design, brings back plenty of happy memories.

The Jack light is made from plastic and is described as being a, ‘sitting, stacking, lighting thing.’ It’s sculptural in its design and, if you’ve got more than one of them, they can be stacked in quirky ways.

The light was first designed by Tom Dixon in 1994 and in 1997 it was awarded a Millenium Mark status in Britain. It’s available in orange, black or white.

Various retailers have the Jack light for sale, including the V&A Shop, who like it so much that it’s included as part of their permanent exhibitions at the V&A museum.

Creating a minimal look in a modern family home

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012
Modern minimalist home style

Cross wall unit

Clean lines, hard surfaces and low furniture – these are the three core elements of the minimalism look.

However, to achieve a minimal haven in your home, it is also expected that you have no mess, no clutter, and total tidiness. It is for this reason that most families find it difficult to achieve the minimal look, and avoid it as much as they would a 24 hour flight with the kids.

Yet, the minimal look can be family-friendly. Typically, most minimal rooms are painted all white, and occasionally use an accent colour such as red on cushions or additional touches, to brighten up the room. However, another way of going for a minimal colour scheme is to paint the room in neutral tones, such as greys, muted greens and blues. This keeps in line with the understated feel you may want from your room, but also ensures that children’s grubby fingers won’t leave too much of a stain on your clean walls.

The biggest problem for families is dealing with clutter. However, this can be easily remedied. Instead of trying to hide all the clutter away, and then have to take it all out for the children to play with, just display it. A shelving unit like this one by Fashion for Home is fantastic because it allows you to showcase your clutter in the walnut shelves – which rely on magnetism to stay in place. The unit itself is so modern and minimal that any objects you place inside will do little to challenge its design.

When it comes to overcrowded bookshelves, just hand pick the favourite family books and transfer them to a modern, clean and contemporary shelf. This cross wall unit is a great design piece, and allows you to display a small selection of your books on the crosses, which work instead of typical shelves. Click here for more information.

Flooring is the factor that works most in favour of families. Instead of easily damaged carpets, the minimal look calls for simple, glossy and easily wipeable floors that are perfect for any family. Black granite flooring works well for kitchens, livings rooms and can be used for your entire downstairs. If it does feel too stark, a rug will soften up the minimal décor, and give the kids somewhere to play.

Visit F4H website for more information.

***This post is in association with Fashion For Home***

Normann Copenhagen butterfly tin opener

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

Fresh design designer tin openerContemporary fresh design tin openerEssential kitchen tin opener

Design company Normann Copenhagen have turned their attention to the humble tin opener – and tin openers have got sexy.

When you see this designer tin opener, it’s not a surprise where it gets its name from, as the handle is designed in the shape of a butterfly wing.

The Butterfly tin opener is made from stainless steel with a plastic handle and it’s aimed at being both ergonomic and a handy size to keep in a kitchen drawer.

It was designed by Marianne Britt Jørgensen and Rikke Hagen for Normann Copenhagen and is a fresh design on an age-old kitchen essential.

Available in four colours (blue, green, purple and orange) and priced at only £4.88 from Bodie and Fou, you can’t go wrong with this kitchen buy.

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