The Piggy Bag giant beanbag seat

Patriotic Union Jack giant bean bag seatPiggy bag bean bag seat naked lady

If you’re looking for designer homeware and furniture at a fraction of the high street price, then is always worth checking out. Amongst their current offers are some good deals on these giant Piggy Bag seats.

Made in the form of an oversized, giant beanbag, the Piggy Bag moulds to fit your body shape, so can be sat on, laid on or curled up on. They’re great for casual or occasional seating and, as the fabric is durable, can be used out in the garden too (although it’s best not to leave them out there overnight).

Home and garden bean bag seating are selling The Piggy Bag in a lovely choice of colours, including lime green, turquoise, red, titanium, grey and chocolate, plus a lively patriotic Union Jack design.

Casual gaming beanbag seat

Typically priced at £149 on the high street, they’re currently on offer for £59 each, with express delivery.

(Naked ladies not supplied).

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