Candle Chic: An Elegant Way to Light your Home

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Lighting has long been considered one of the most important elements in any space, indoors or out.  Light brings colour and warmth, style and character to all kinds of places. Sometimes though, flipping a switch just isn’t creating the right kind of mood. Candles create an atmosphere that really brings a room to life conjuring nostalgia, mystery, calm or peace. That little flame can be an accent in a corner or the glow that hangs over a dinner table.

Candles in the bedroom create warmth and romance. In the bathroom they’re peaceful flickers that sit quietly on the edge of a bath.  They can be fresh scents that float in a clean kitchen or they can add to the coziness of a quiet night in. They can bring an outdoor space to life at night and remind us of simpler times.

Every space in your home can be transformed, making it an unforgettable place for any number of guests you entertain, or bringing you serenity at the end of a long hard working day.

Candles come in all different shapes, sizes and colours, which make them fantastic decorating accessories. Small tea lights float in jars to create an incredible effect while larger sculptural candles can be the focus of a coffee table or mantle.  The available range of colours ensure that whatever the colour scheme for your home, there is always a candle to match. Plus a variety of fragrances can add rich flavours to any occasion, from fruity overtones to relaxing lavender.

Candles are an inexpensive way to add ambience to your home, with just a few tea lights you can completely  revamp the atmosphere in a space for a fraction of the cost of installing a dimmer switch or overhauling your lighting scheme altogether.  Everyone should always have candles on hand as a quick and easy design tool to enhance any space.

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