Using blinds to create the perfect conservatory environment

Fresh design conservatory The conservatory is a great place to sit and relax, absorbing the bright sun while being shielded from wind and the occasional rain shower. However, on hot summer days, it can quickly become something more akin to an oven. If you’ve been enjoying a day out, the heat can build up in your conservatory to such a degree that it is uninhabitable when you get back.

The best way to avoid this situation and get the most out of your luxurious extension is to – where possible – keep the sun out while you are away. In this respect, curtains will do the job excellently, but blinds offer far more versatility, don’t have to plunge the space into blackness, and are usually more cost effective. While for some, the idea of blinds reminds them of staid office buildings and schools, there is now a great range of effective, made to measure blinds out there that will suit any taste.

What style you choose depends on personal taste, as well as how much control you want to have over the amount of light you let into the conservatory and the temperature you want to maintain. Specialist solar control blinds will cut out harmful UV rays, effectively acting like sunglasses for your window. The added bonus is that this material protects any fabrics from fading.

Solar control blinds typically come in the roller pull-down style, but this is not to everyone’s taste. Another option is the Venetian style, which allows you to moderate the amount of sunshine that comes into the room and the angle of the rays quickly and easily.

Whichever style you choose, just remember that it’s worth paying that little bit extra to get high-quality made-to-measure blinds that are individually measured and expertly installed on side windows and roof panels. Your conservatory is a valuable space, so you’ll want a bespoke service that will allow you to relax and enjoy the summer.

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