Trudeau 2 in 1 salt and pepper grinder

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2 in 1 salt and pepper grinder

Why have a separate salt and pepper grinder when you can have two in one?

Ideal if you’re short on space, this compact and funky Trudeau Grinder provides all the seasoning you need in one swift move – just twist to the left for pepper and to the right for salt.

The grinder is easy to use and, in case you temporarily forget which way to turn for either seasoning, there’s a useful indicator on the top. The outer casing – which is available in red, lime green or black – feels smooth and tactile to the touch and makes it easy to hold and grip the grinder.

The grinders are made from ceramic and designed to prevent rust and wear, and the salt and pepper are housed in two separate areas within the outer casing. The acrylic window lets you easily see which is which, plus monitor the level of the contents so you can top them up when they’re running low. The grinder is re-filled from the top.

If you’re particularly averse to either salt or pepper, and can’t stand a stray grain reaching your plate, it is beneficial to ensure the last user has given the grinder a quick shake to release all loose grains before passing it on, as we did find when testing it out that stray grains could occur and you could unexpectedly discover pepper amongst your desired salt. But it’s a good space saving device, nicely designed and practical for dining needs.

The Trudeau 2-in-1 salt and pepper grinder retails for £21.50 and comes pre-filled with 10g of black peppercorns and 24g of coarse sea salt. It’s available to buy from various retailers, including Top Gourmet.

(Disclosure: Gilberts kindly sent us a Trudeau grinder to test).

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