McLaggan Smith quirky knowledge design mugs

McLaggan Smith have got quirky, fascinating and knowledge filled mugs down to a fine art!

If you want to learn something as you drink your tea or coffee, then you need to invest in one of these.

Typeface font design guide

Mug for typeface fans

If you’re fascinated by fonts and typefaces, then the periodic table of typefaces mug is the one for you.

Learn the chemistry periodic table

Periodic table mug

Or perhaps it’s the standard periodic table that you can’t get enough of? Now you can swot up on your chemistry knowledge as you drink tea.

Learn the phonetic Nato alphabet

“Tango, Echo, Alpha…”

You can even brush up on the phonetic alphabet, thanks to this Nato phonetic alphabet mug.

All of these bone china mugs cost £10.50 each from John Lewis.

Embrace your inner nerd, drink tea and get learning!

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