Create a living wall with Woolly Wally pockets

Create a vertical living green wall

Create a living wall

If you’re got a bare wall in your home, garden or conservatory, then what better way to liven it up than creating your own living wall?

This amazing wall looks super effective, but is surprisingly easy to achieve. It’s created using a series of Woolly Wally Pockets – special pockets made out of recycled plastic that you can use as planters.

The pockets are the perfect size for small plants, such as fragrant herbs, providing ample space for each plant’s root system to breathe. You can put the pockets together to form a large living wall art panel on a wall, or just use a few of them to create a small design.

The Woolly Wally pockets are a great idea! They’re sold by Garden Beet, with prices starting at £29.99.

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